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Full Version: sample comment for Rule 21.1
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In p.166, there are the following examples.

Quote:#define defined /* Non-compliant - reserved identifier */

And, It is written as follows in the "amplification":
  • Identifiers or macro names beginning with underscore.
  • Identifiers in file scope described in Section 7

I was thinking "the identifiers which is limited by this rule is
the identifiers(ex. memcpy, errno, ...) that defined in the library section of the C90/C99."

If the rationale of the comment is the following statement, can I be considered that the normal reserved identifiers(ex. int, typedef, ...) are OK?
Of course, although not preferred, int or etc. are excluded as rule 21.1?

Quote:This rule prohibits the use of #define or #undef on th identifier defined as ...

Best regards,
Satoshi Kawajiri
The amplification of Rule 21.1 lists the reserved identifiers and names that are covered by this rule. This mainly covers identifiers / names found in section 7 of the library, but also includes "defined" as you mention.

Keywords ( e.g. int , typedef . . ) are not "reserved identifiers" and are not covered by this rule. However, any attempt to use #define on a keyword will violate rule 20.4
"A macro shall not be defined with the same name as a keyword"