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Full Version: MISRA C:2012 not available
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The printed version of MISRA C:2012 is shown as "This document is temporarily out of stock" in the on-line shop http://www.misra.org.uk/shop/buy_now.php. Does anybody know when it is likely to be in print again?

The printed form has the advantage that it can be shared around the office, rather than having to pay for PDF copies for everybody involved.
Our apologies for the delay, we will be doing a limited reprint shortly and I will advise as soon as we know dates.

In the meantime don't forget that we do offer options for multi-user PDFs that can be shared within a workgroup, please contact us via the links on the MISRA website http://www.misra.org.uk/MISRAHome/Contac...fault.aspx to discuss pricing and options.
With apologies for the further delay, print copies are now available again.
The hardcopy/printed version of MISRA C:2012 is once again shown as "This document is temporarily out of stock". While we can make some progress in our evaluation using an electronic copy, it would be helpful to have a hardcopy as well.

Is there any information on if/when a hardcopy might be available again?
Thanks for your query, probably in about 6 weeks from now. We are preparing a revision to MISRA C:2012 which will "roll up" TC1 and AMD1 (the additional rules that improve security coverage). The reprint will be against this revised version.
Is there any update as to when they will be available?

Still probably about 4 - 6 weeks from now. The text has been prepared and we are just starting the publication process. We'll make an announcement when it's ready.
Were copies ever published? The store shows it is not available currently.
We are sorry for the further delay in this, due to some production issues. We expect them to be back in stock by the end of February.
We are pleased to announce hardcopies are now back in stock. This is a revised version of MISRA C:2012 which consolidates the 2012 edition with Amendment 1 (Additional Security Guidelines) that was published in 2016, and the 2017 Technical Corrigendum 1.