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Full Version: Can I get involved in MISRA?
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The FAQ on the MISRA website https://www.misra.org.uk/FAQ/tabid/64/Default.aspx says:
We welcome active participants in our working groups who are prepared to contribute to the technical work of these groups. From time to time we ask for external reviewers to comment on drafts of our documents. Please contact us if you are interested in either of these.

MISRA Contact Details can be found here: https://www.misra.org.uk/MISRAHome/Conta...fault.aspx, but states that this is for sale of MISRA documents only and please use the Bulletin Board for all technical questions. So how can I contact MISRA if I want to get involved?
Thank you for your interest in MISRA's activities. You can contact us through the second link you've cited - the intention is that people should not use these contact details for technical queries on MISRA documents, which should be posted on this Forum so that they can receive an official answer and so that other users can benefit from the insight.

When you contact us, please indicate which of MISRA's activities you may potentially be interested in joining. We will come back to you with further details of the formalities required.