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Full Version: Is it possible to define your own Boolean types?
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I want to know if it is possible to define a Boolean type and do not use the one defined in the stdbool.h. Can I define Boolean like this:
typedef uint8_t boolean;
#define TRUE 0x1
#define FALSE 0x0
? And If I define Boolean in this way, what operations, which if done using standard booleans would I violate?

Sorry in advance If the question is not too clear and If I made some mistake.
The MISRA-C working group recommends the use of the stdbool.h version of bool where available.
However Appendix D.6 on Boolean constants says:
" Tools may also provide additional ways of identifying essential Boolean types."
It is therefore possible to define a boolean type as you have done. The MISRA C:2012 rules on essentially boolean types will then apply.