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  M5-0-20 clarification
Posted by: rt1980 - 25-01-2023, 04:37 PM - Forum: 6.5 Expressions (C++) - Replies (1)

Hi All,

Rule 5-0-20 states that "Non-constant operands to a binary bitwise operator shall have the same underlying type." seems to make sense but my colleagues and I are bit unsure why the non-constant qualifier? 

Consider the following example. It's not clear to us why the first should be allowed if the second is not.

int foo(int i) {
  const unsigned char mask = ~(0x10);
  return i ^ mask; // compliant: mask is const

int foo(int i) {
  unsigned char mask = ~(0x10);
  return i ^ mask; // non-compliant: mask is not const and a different type than i

Thanks for your help!

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  Rule 4-5-3 about using relational operators to determine uint8_t
Posted by: zhaohui - 08-12-2022, 08:00 AM - Forum: 6.4 Standard conversions (C++) - Replies (1)

Quote:Exceptionally, the following operators may be used if the associated restriction is observed:
• The binary + operator may be used to add an integral value in the range 0 to 9 to ‘0’;
• The binary – operator may be used to subtract character '0'.
• The relational operators <, <=, >, >= may be used to determine if a character (or wide
character) represents a digit.
According to exceptions and cases of Rule 4-5-3, it seems that Exp1 apples to uint8_t and Exp2, Exp3 apply to character (wide character). And the rule title mainly cares about plain char and wchar_t, so, 
1. What about using uint8_t as operands of relational operators?
2. Which kind of cases does uint8_t violate this rule? Does this rule only check binary operator "+" only for uint8_t?
void f(void)
    char ch = 't';
    if (( ch >= '0') && ( ch <= '9')) // Compliant by exception
        v = ch – '0';                 // Compliant by exception

    unsigned char uc;
    if (( uc >= '0') && ( uc <= '9'))  // compliant or non-compliant?

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  MISRA C:2012 AMD3 published
Posted by: david ward - 05-12-2022, 10:40 PM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3 (which adds further support for C11/C18 language features) is now available as a free download from the "Resources" section of this Bulletin Board.

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  MISRA C:2012 AMD3
Posted by: david ward - 05-12-2022, 09:36 PM - Forum: MISRA resources - No Replies

We are pleased to announce the publication of MISRA C:2012 Amendment 3 (MISRA C:2012 AMD3). This document provides additional updates for ISO/IEC 9899:2011/2018 with consideration of new C11/C18 features.

This amendment is intended to be used with MISRA C:2012 (Third Edition, First Revision) as revised and amended by:

  • MISRA C:2012 Technical Corrigendum 2, and
  • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2
This amendment is also compatible with MISRA C:2012 (Third Edition) as revised and amended by:
  • MISRA C:2012 Technical Corrigendum 1, 
  • MISRA C:2012 Technical Corrigendum 2, 
  • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 1, and
  • MISRA C:2012 Amendment 2.

Attached Files
.pdf   MISRA C 2012 AMD3.pdf (Size: 1.35 MB / Downloads: 46)
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  A20-8-2 / A20-8-3 - Is returning a non-owning pointer always a violation?
Posted by: vanhuynh - 24-11-2022, 01:41 PM - Forum: AUTOSAR C++:2014 rules - Replies (4)


Our team uses a static analysis tool for ASIL-B compliance. The tool warns about violation of rule A20-8-2/A20-8-3 when a non-owning pointer is returned from a function:

  template <uint64_t CAPACITY>
  class FixedCapacityBuffer {
      std::array<uint8_t, CAPACITY> buffer;
      uint64_t length;

      uint8_t* Data() const noexcept { return buffer.data(); } //////////////< Violation of rule A20-8-2/A20-8-3?

      // ...

Rule A20-8-3: "A unique_ptr shall be used to represent exclusive ownership."
Rule A20-8-3: "A std::shared_ptr shall be used to represent shared ownership."

However, I do not want to express exclusive or shared ownership. Is the warning correct or a false-positive?

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  A12-1-1 - Does it apply to POD structs?
Posted by: cgpzs - 23-10-2022, 06:45 AM - Forum: AUTOSAR C++:2014 rules - Replies (5)


Does A12-1-1 apply to POD structs? Example:

struct Foo
  int x;
  int y;

The members of `Foo` are by default uninitialized. Does A12-1-1 require `Foo` to explicitly initialize its members, like this?

struct Foo
  int x{};
  int y{};

Please note that the above change has some implications, namely that `Foo` is no longer trivial. As such, compilers will warn about performing `memcpy` operations on them. This is a problem for serializer/deserializer type of code.


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  8.2 Function types shall be in prototype form with named parameters
Posted by: sowisojh - 27-09-2022, 12:02 PM - Forum: 8.8 Declarations and defnitions - Replies (3)

Given is the following code:


/* define a type of a callback function */
typedef uint16_t(my_callback_fct_t)(uint16_t const *a);


#include "myheader.h"

/* function declaration of myCallbackFunction */
static my_callback_fct_t myCallbackFunction;


/* function definition of myCallbackFunction */
static uint16_t myCallbackFunction(uint16_t const *a)
  return (*a) + (uint16_t)1u;

Does the function declaration of myCallbackFunction in the above code comply with the Rule 8.2?
As the prototype specifies the parameters by usage of the type my_callback_fct_t and this prototype includes all the parameter and their names I would treat this as a correct prototype as requested by Rule 8.2. even though this is not explicitly listed as being compliant in the MISRA standard.

The background for this kind of function prototyping is to tie the function to an externally defined function prototype which will be used for callbacks in another part of the code.

kind regards

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  How to handle Guidelines that are mentioned as 'Required' in 2012
Posted by: [email protected] - 26-09-2022, 06:43 AM - Forum: MISRA Compliance discussions - Replies (1)

I am using MISRA 2012 to review the SW code(Both Auto code and Manual). 
I am bit confused to handle the the guidelines that are mentioned as 'Required'. 
I would like to know what are all the cases when the the rules can be deviated with reasonable justification. And what are all the cases when deviation is not at all accepted with any justification. 

Thank you!

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  A7-1-1 and function parameters
Posted by: mstaron - 31-08-2022, 01:03 PM - Forum: AUTOSAR C++:2014 rules - Replies (2)

The 'A7-1-1' uses the term: 'immutable data declaration'. This is not defined in the C ++ standard, so it is unclear if this rule applies to function parameters.

int f(int x)  // Is it Non-compliant?
  return x;

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  A5-2-6 about operands consisting of a sequence of only `&&` or `||`
Posted by: zhaohui - 19-08-2022, 06:21 AM - Forum: AUTOSAR C++:2014 rules - Replies (2)

Quote:A5-2-6 (Required) : The operands of a logical && or \\ shall be parenthesized if the operands contain binary operators.

What about those cases whose oeprands consists of either a sequence of only logical && or ||?
void f()
    int a, b, c, d;
    if ((a < b) || (b < c) || (c < d)) // compliant or noncompliant
This should be a exceptional case for MISRA C++-2008 Rule 5-2-1 ( Each operand of a logical && or || shall be a postfix-expression ), does this exception apply for A5-2-6 either?

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