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MISRA 25th Anniversary
The MISRA consortium, a world-leading collaboration between manufacturers, component suppliers and engineering consultancies, is celebrating 25 years since the landmark publication of Development Guidelines for Vehicle Based Software.

The guidelines, and the revisions and amendments that have followed, and the broader portfolio of MISRA documents published since then have underpinned significant improvements in vehicular software safety; and the success has seen the principles adopted by many other industries.

The MISRA consortium was conceived in the early 1990s as a project in the UK government’s “SafeIT” programme to develop guidelines for embedded software in road vehicle electronic systems. Membership now consists of members from other industries in the safety-related embedded systems world, alongside automotive companies.

The consortium started with eight core members in the funded project, and now consists of a board of ten in voluntary roles.

Landmark publications include the first edition of MISRA C in 1998, MISRA C:2004, guidelines for safety analysis in 2007, MISRA C++ :2008, MISRA C:2012 and guidelines for safety arguments in 2019.

In the late 1980s, the automotive industry had to adapt to more complex systems of embedded electronics in road vehicles. Starting with the publication of our first guidelines in 1994, MISRA has been at the forefront of making sure our safety standards have developed hand-in-hand with the technological breakthroughs in the industry.

Outside of the automotive sector, the MISRA guidelines have supported the development of renowned technological projects. The Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) project C++ Coding Standard and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory C Coding Standards, as used on the Mars Rover missions, are both based on MISRA guidelines.

A full press release is available at the main MISRA website at along with an infographic at
Dr David Ward
MISRA Operations Director

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