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AUTOSAR C++14 handed over to MISRA - may we ask AUTOSAR C++14 questions here?

The following is stated in the AUTOSAR C++14 guidelines:

> This specification is obsolete and will be removed from the standard in an upcoming
release. The work has been handed over to MISRA and will no longer be maintained

Since "the work of AUTOSAR C++14 has been handed over  to MISRA", would it make sense/be OK for us to ask questions about AUTOSAR C++14 in this forum? There are some rules that require some clarification and there's no way to contact the authors. 

I know that MISRA is currently working on a new set of C++ guidelines for 202x, combining the work done in the previous MISRA releases and AUTOSAR C++14. I believe being able to ask about AUTOSAR C++14 here would provide valuable feedback to MISRA to incorporate in the new guidelines.

Thanks for the question, yes we would be happy to take questions about AUTOSAR C++ and we have created a new topic under the "MISRA C++" section so feel free to ask away ...

Dr David Ward
MISRA Operations Director
That's great, thanks a lot! Really appreciate the quick reply.

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