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MISRA documentation storage
Hello, in a company where I work, we have a license for MISRA C:2012 guidelines document allowing 100 people to see its content. We would like to avoid having a local copy of this PDF document for each reader. So, now we are sharing the document on sharepoint, where the access is controlled and there is a setting that does not allow downloading the PDF, only to open it in a web browser. This would be fine, however, we are also working on new company coding guidelines and it would be very good if we could create links to specific pages of MISRA C guidelines PDF. Normally, it is possible to add for example "#page=3" at the end of an URL address for the PDF document and it will open it in 3rd page. However, with the document in sharepoint, restricted only for specific users and with disabled download, it is not possible to reference the specific page using this method. For some reason it seems to work only with unrestricted documents.

So, do you have some other recommended ways of storing the MISRA documentation that allow showing only the content in web browser, without downloading and where only selected people can access it, while also being able to create links to specific pages?
Please contact us directly to discuss this.
Dr David Ward
MISRA Operations Director

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